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About HRED:

About HRED:

Council of Human Resource Education Development (CHRED) was established in 2014, as the Bindhyachal bajpayee memorial of social work. The first Council of Industrial practical training & social work in India. CHRED was a pioneering effort with the objective of Social welfare through academic excellence, a characteristic of the trust. Its establishment was the result of the decision of the trustees of the foundation to accept Mr. Jagdish Makwana’s vision of a post-graduate community college of social work of national stature that would engage in a continuous study of Indian social issues and problems and impart education in social work to meet the emerging need for trained human power. This subsequently influenced the direction of social work education and social research in India. It was declared skill training provider after legislation passed by Ministry of human resource development Govt. of India initiative notification F. No. 37 – 3 / Legal / AICTE / 2013 as per AICTE Act. 1987, skill traing provider wide no. F.1 – 3345523521 – NSQF – 2017 dated 23rd March, 2018. CHRED has registered under act by Ministry of Human Resource Development Indian rules R.70-1 / 2013 – (A) and accordance with Department of higher education . The Vision of the Council is to be an Institute of excellence in higher education that continually responds to changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge, towards creating a people – cantered and ecologically sustainable society that promotes and protects the dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all, with special emphasis on marginalised and vulnerable groups. The Council of human resource education development (CHRED) set up the skill training education to provide immediate and definite interventions to improve the skill levels of millions of youth, through appropriate vocational training programmes. the target beneficiaries would include organized and unorganized workforce across industries and aims to cover every individual who needs to develop employable skills. Therefore, CHRED has been set up with a vision of creating an ecosystem that would bring back the dignity of labour to all professions and occupations to create sustainable sources of income for the aspiring youth in the country. Concept – The approach adopted by CHRED is called the work Integrated on the Job Practical Training Programme (WIOJTP) This vocational educational programme is being implemented for the first time in India with a focus on Job – specific skills rather than providing only a broad based education. The aim is to enable the students to learn the skill by engaging in on-the-job-training at real shop floor of the industry / company along with theory training in the classroom. Through this “Earn While you Learn” model, the trainee may also earn a modest stipend during on-the-job duration of the course. Although, this is not mandatory for any institution, CHRED strongly encourages its Skill Knowledge Providers to adopt this practice.

The main objective of the deptt. Of HRED are :

  • Planned development, including expanding access and improving quality of the educationalinstitutions throughout the country including in the regions.
  • Playing special attention to disadvantaged groups like the poor, females and the minorities.
  • To improve research facilities in training institution
  • You are always well come to navigate our web site to know more about the council of human resource education development, our program’s and other activities..
  • To promote collaboration with national community, training institute, centers, etc.

You are always well come to navigate our web site to know more about the council of human resource education development,
our program’s and other activities..