• 9/23/2021 9:57:29 AM
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Corona-positive cases became 54 in Gujarat, with 7 new ones registered today Ahmedabad. Saturday March 28, 2020 Gujarat has registered seven more cases of corona virus and death toll has reached three. So, a total of 54 coronary patients have been registered in the state. While 2 patient reports are yet to arrive. In response to the outbreak of the Corona virus, a 21-day lockdown has been announced across the country. Today is the fourth day of lockdown. So far the number of positive cases infected with corona virus has exceeded 873. So far 20 people have died from the virus. Most affected by the lockdown are the working class, small artisans and the merchant class. Currently employment has become the biggest question for the laborers. At that time, millions of people are returning to their homeland day by day.