• 9/23/2021 10:33:23 AM
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Ahmedabad. Friday March 27, 2020 Partial relief for Gujarat over Corona has come out against the news. The state health secretary said in a press conference that no positive case has been registered in Gujarat in the last 12 hours. However, the state is still going through a worrying phase. He said that 16 patients had been infected from abroad, and 28 other people had been exposed to coronas due to their exposure. There are 44 positive cases in Gujarat. While Ahmedabad, Surat and Bhavnagar each have died. A total of 824 coronas have been tested in the state. To date, 20,103 people have been quarantined to date. All negatives from the 11 samples During the last 24 hours, samples of 11 individuals were tested, all of which have come out negative. All those who died of coronas were suffering from other diseases Principal Secretary Health Department Dr. Jayanti Ravi today said about the corona, the three patients who suffered unfortunate deaths due to corona in Gujarat were suffering from co-morbid ie other serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure or other diseases. All three patients were older. He also said that the elderly and elderly in our homes need special care. It is especially welcome to stay at home with these elders in Quarantine. - Success due to lockdown - Life does not leave the house without the work required - People still live in the house - All of the 11 people who were tested yesterday were tested negative - A total of 44 cases have been found positive in Gujarat. - One has died in Ahmedabad, Surat and Bhavnagar. - 44 patients from Corona include 15 from Ahmedabad, 7 from Surat, 7 from Gandhinagar, 8 from Vadodara and 5 from Rajkot, Kutch 1 and Bhavnagar 1.