• 9/23/2021 9:05:28 AM
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Dear People of Gujarat, Vadodara Gujarat is known for its spirit of brotherhood and helpfulness. It is the time to show we really mean it. As you are aware, Gujarat and the whole nation is facing the Corona global pandemic. With your support the Gujarat Dist. Municipal Corporation is trying to do its bit, but with your support, we can do even better. It is the time to show you care for Nation and People of Gujarat. In case you can do either of these things, kindly come forward to : 1. Provide your voluntary support as an individual or group of individuals i.e. manpower support 2. Help in providing relief material — Ready to eat material, logistical support etc 3. Provide medical help to fight Corona — Sanitizing materials, medicines, face masks, doctor, medical staff etc 4. Supply items of day to day use for the quarantined facilities 5. Grocery, Dry Snacks and Water Bottle 6. Any other help Use the following link to see the ways you can offer your help — https://forms.gle/j1CouhUr8ry7QUkt9 or scan the code below Together we can and together we will!!